ha, its a secret Lets assume that you are a human reading this- and let's futher assume that you have some not-scam reason to want to email me. Are you assuming? Good. Now how can you do it? To the left is an picture with a word in it- hard to read right? That is on purpose to make it difficult for the bots. Many times I hear, "ugggg, I'm getting so much scam email that I can hardly work." There on the company website will be the company email address- in plain bot readable text just there for the "harvesting". So, if you are setting up your own site, and don't wish to have the scam bots harvest and use your email address consider using something such as this- a .jpg or .gif or .png with the info- and if it has a bit of "noise" in the picture all the better. You can email me using the name at left + the domain name. As an alternative you might also consider writing it out with spaces. I would be at an undisclosed location dot org.