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"So..." you say to yourself, "Rockport has a "Sea Bathing Society"? What is it? Is it any fun? Who can join?" Anyone can join just by showing up for a Friday swim- usually at 6:30 pm in the Rockport beach parking lot across from the BBC (Big Blue Crab). You can always email our founder Chris Woolston @

for more information and a check on likely water conditions. Click on each section to see more.

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News, Commentary and how to Join our Next Swim

March 19th 2017

One day to the start of Spring- and not a day too soon. We are all glad to be getting out of our full suits and into our spring suits- and putting that second swim cap on stand by. Aye, it's windy, it's choppy. No matter. Our next swim is- see our contact page for the super seceret email address...

January 27 2017

Yes, its winter. But things are not... not swimmable; dig out the old full suit, grab a second swim cap and join us for a swim. Contact us by email: zadox at an undisclosed location dot org The above is all spelled and spaced out to foil those pesky bots who have no interest whatsoever in sea bathing.

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A short & completely fictional history of sea bathing in Rockport Texas

January 26 2017

Everyone seems to have noted the excellent "Sea Bathing" in Rockport. The Spanish enjoyed regular dips in the bay. Then came the Texans and Mexicans- which at one time were one and same somehow- enjoyed the waters. Today Rockport beach sees hundreds of "sea bathers" durning summer months, and in the winter there are still some of the more dedicated sea bathers out.

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Do you keep a swim journal?

Occasionally we share a few passages and bits of illustration. Here is a page from my swim journal from this winter.