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"So..." you say to yourself, "Rockport has a "Sea Bathing Society"? What is it? Is it any fun? Who can join?" We are Rockport's premier open water swim club- meeting once a week for a non-competive group swim from Rockport Pier- across from where the big blue crab used to be- down the beach about a half mile to the changing stations Anyone can join just by showing up for a Friday swim- usually at 6:30 pm in the Rockport beach parking lot across from where the BBC (Big Blue Crab) used to be... You can always email our founder Chris Woolston @

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News, Commentary and how to Join our Next Swim

December 29th 2020

Total miles this year 88. Not too bad considering all the insanity and panic generated by the commies and the complicit lame stream media. There has neen a "soft communitst coup" uner the guise of a public health emergency and things are looking ... interesting for 2021.

well ... the water will warm, the tides will rise and fall, and lord willing I'll still be swimming

June 30th 2020

The "Dumpster fire year" or at least that is what some are calling it. From New Years to now it has been a global panic - under the guise of "pandemic". The pool has been closed, and the beaches for over a month. I've gotten in some good swims - been having to wear my light wet suit on account of the jellyfish.

July 19th 2019

I swam my 101st mile of the year today. Yesterday for swim 100 I had a choppy swim under thunderstormish skies- very pretty clouds- and no JFE (jellyfish encounters)

July 3rd 2019

I’ve been out of the water for the last few days with a "cold". The have been fewer sea nettles this last week and more sea walnuts- i.e. ctenophores aka comb jellies.

June 24th 2019

Had a wild swim today- I was swimming from Rockport beach fishing pier to Rockport Pier when a sudden squall struck- wind, rain, spray, a white out, heavy pelting cold rain, and then hail- with a 2 to 3 ft following sea. Wild times- this was swim and mile #89.

January 30th 2019

Like last year, but even worse, this year is very cool...cold...wintery. I've been opting for pool swims which have been wonderful and not having to fight, or endure, the cold is a big +. I’ve been very fortunate so far in going to the pool at favorable times and having a lane all to myself... sometimes the whole pool all to myself.

December19th 2018

It has been a difficult swim year- so bitterly cold in the beginning of the year- Jan. and Feb. then a massive jellyfish bloom- cannon balls- in the summer, then bitterly cold again from the first part of Nov. to where we are now in mid December. I made my 100th mile a few days ago- albeit the last 9 miles leading up to that 100 miles were swum at the pool... and the water temps are likely to continue very cold into spring... which I suppose is just seasonal with some years being colder, for longer, than usual. Today was very halcyon, both time wise and as being the two weeks around the winter solstice.

October 4th 2018

The water temp is still in the lower 80's and a new batch of jellyfish- both cannonball and sea nettle are getting pretty thick. The mosquitoes are still fairly ravanous but not so bad if you stay right on the edge of the shore. Winds have been Ene about 10 mph by noon making for some bumpy swims.

September 21st 2018

The water temp is back up into the low 80's and along with it the Cannonball Jellyfish have began to reappear. Wear a light full suit when swimming or the mosquitoes will "eat you alive". It's like a nature documentary out on the beach- The Giant Mosquitoes of South Texas- how vicious are they?

March 7th 2018

Just one of those beautiful classic swim days. I'm still wearing my 5 mil winter suit as the water is hovering around 65 degrees. Today the water was like glass with an optical effect where the sea and sky seem to merge into one. Did my usual swim from Rockport Pier to Half Way Point. Thinking of semi officially starting the "Rockport Sea Bathing Society- Rockport's one and only non competitive open ocean swim club"- could be fun to get together with a few other swimmers for a weekly swim.

March 4th, 2018

I was out on my daily swim on Sunday and was surprised when at the end of my swim I stood up in about two feet of water near shore and saw not one, but two, coast guard boats with guys shouting at me, "ARE YOU OK? CAN WE HELP YOU!?" To which I replied, "I'm fine, just swimming..." Guy on coast guard boat, "We had a call that there was a swimmer in trouble." Me, "no trouble, just swimming..." Anyway, it turns out that someone had called the Coast Guard when I began my swim a half mile down the beach thinking... I'm not sure what they were thinking. The beach locals know I swim year round, as do quite a few other people in town. Admittedly, I was a quarter mile off shore at the beginning of my swim and and it was a moderately choppy day- but nothing unusual for me. Anyway, I think that they- the coast guard- were a bit peeved but I can hardly be held accountable for panicky winter Texans calling in unneeded rescues. Over the past four years I've logged almost 1000 swims on Rockport beach and when I got to thinking about my water experience I have almost 40 years of open water swimming experience- most of it in seriously cold and rough Central Ca. waters. Having the Coast Guard boats there close to me with their props was beyond doubt the most dangerous experience I've every had swimming at Rockport Beach.

March 19th 2017

One day to the start of Spring- and not a day too soon. We are all glad to be getting out of our full suits and into our spring suits- and putting that second swim cap on stand by. Aye, it's windy, it's choppy. No matter. Our next swim is- see our contact page for the super seceret email address...

January 27 2017

Yes, its winter. But things are not... not swimmable; dig out the old full suit, grab a second swim cap and join us for a swim. Contact us by email: zadox at an undisclosed location dot org The above is all spelled and spaced out to foil those pesky bots who have no interest whatsoever in sea bathing.

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A short & completely fictional history of sea bathing in Rockport Texas

January 26 2017

Everyone seems to have noted the excellent "Sea Bathing" in Rockport. The Spanish enjoyed regular dips in the bay. Then came the Texans and Mexicans- which at one time were one and same somehow- enjoyed the waters. Today Rockport beach sees hundreds of "sea bathers" durning summer months, and in the winter there are still some of the more dedicated sea bathers out.

a detail from a swim journal page

Do you keep a swim journal?

Occasionally we share a few passages and bits of illustration. Here is a page from my swim journal from this winter.